Adrianne Hajdasz

CEBC Research Assistant

Research interests: Landscape ecology, agroecosystems, wildlife conservation, ornithology



Environmental Officer at Transport Canada (March to December 2022)


MSc in Biology at Carleton University (2019 – 2022)

  • Thesis topic: Independent effect of habitat amount, fragmentation and connectivity on bird biodiversity


Field Technician: Agricultural Ecosystems at the National Wildlife Research Center Environment and Climate Change Canada (2019)


BSc honours in Biology at Thompson Rivers University (2012 – 2018)

  • Honours thesis topic: impact of urbanization chickadee reproductive timing and success

Other Publications

Hajdasz AC, Otter KA, Baldwin LL, Reudink MW. 2019. Caterpillar phenology predicts differences in timing of mountain chickadee breeding in urban and rural habitats. Urban Ecosystems.


Hajdasz AC, McKellar AE, Ratcliffe LM, Boag PT, Marra PP, Reudink, MW. 2019. Extra-pair offspring are less heterozygous than within-pair offspring in American redstarts (Setophaga ruticilla). Journal of Avian Biology. 50 (4).


Bergman JN, Buxton RT, Lin H-Y, Lenda M, Attinello K, Hajdasz AC, Rivest SA, Tran Nguyen T, Cooke SJ, Bennett JR. 2022. Evaluating the benefits and risks of social media for wildlife conservation. FACETS. 7:360–397.