Daniel Struthers

Technical Staff - Alumni  (2016)

Lab Publications (3)

  • Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries Cover Image

    Brownscombe J.W., E. Ledee, G.D. Raby, D.P. Struthers, L.F.G. Gutowsky, V.M. Nguyen, N. Young, M.J.W. Stokesbury, C.M. Holbrook, T.O. Brenden, C.S. Vandergoot, K.J. Murchie, K. Whoriskey, J. Mills-Flemming, S. Kessel, C.C. Krueger and S.J. Cooke. 2019. Conducting and interpreting fish telemetry studies: Considerations for researchers and resource managers. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries. 29:369-400.


  • environmental biology of fishes cover image

    Struthers, D.P., L.F.G. Gutowsky, E.C. Enders, K.E. Smokorowski, D.A. Watkinson, A.T. Silva, M. Cvetkovic, E. Bibeau and S.J. Cooke. 2017. Factors influencing the spatial ecology of Lake Sturgeon and Walleye within an impounded reach of the Winnipeg River. Environmental Biology of Fishes. 100:1085–1103.

  • Struthers, D.P., L.F.G. Gutowsky, E. Enders, K. Smokorowski, D. Watkinson, E. Bibeau and S.J. Cooke. 2017. Evaluating riverine hydrokinetic turbine operations relative to the spatial ecology of wild fishes. Journal of Ecohydraulics. 2:53-67.