Jianghui Bao

Research Interests: Migration behaviour, fish passage and river connectivity


(1) MSc and PhD candidate(combined master and doctor program)
09/2016-05/2021 (PhD candidate)
1. Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences;
2. University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.
(2) BSc degree
09/2012 – 01 /20 2014, 09/201 2014 – 06 /20 2016 (BSc degree)
1. Guangdong Ocean University.
02/2014 -07/2014 (Exchange student)
2. Ocean University of China.

Lab Publications (3)

  • Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries Cover Image

    Bao, J., W.M. Twardek, C. Zhang, W. Li, X. Mi, D. Zhang, J. Wu, H. Jiang, S.J. Cooke and M. Duan.  2023. Mitigating the cumulative effects of hydropower and climate change on riverine fishes. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries.

  • River Research and Applications Image

    Li, W., J. Bao, C. Zhang, X. Mi, D. Zhang, H. Jiang, W.M. Twardek, S.J. Cooke and M. Duan. 2022. Group size influences LED light colour and substrate preference of David’s Schizothoracin (Schizothorax davidi): relevance for design of fish passage facilities. River Research and Applications. 38:280-292.

  • Bao, J., W. Li, C. Zhang, X. Mi, H. Li, X. Zhao, N. Cao, W.M. Twardek, S.J. Cooke and M. Duan. 2019. Quantitative assessment of fish passage efficiency at a vertical-slot fishway on the Daduhe River in Southwest China. Ecological Engineering. 141:105597.

Other Publications

Li W., Bao J., Zhang C., Wang L., Li Hong., Wen J and Duan M., (2018) A Review of International Fishway Adaptive Management Systems and Management Prospects for China. Acta Hydrobiologica Sinica. 42(6):1240-1252.