Laura Elmer

AlumniM.Sc. StudentVisiting Researchers/Students - Alumni  (September 2016 - September 2018)

Project topic: Paternal care, reproductive history and oxidative stress in smallmouth bass.

Lab Publications (3)

  • Fisheries Research Cover Image

    Twardek, W.M., T.O. Gagne, L.K. Elmer, S.J. Cooke, M.C. Beere and A.J. Danylchuk. 2018. Consequences of catch-and-release angling on the physiology, behaviour and survival of wild steelhead in the Bulkley River, British Columbia. Fisheries Research. 206: 235-246.

  • Environmental Management Cover Image

    Elmer, L. K., Kelly, L., Rivest, S., Steell, C. Twardek, W., Danylchuk, A. J., Arlinghaus, R., Bennett, J. R., Cooke, S. J. 2017.  Angling into the future: Ten commandments for recreational fisheries science, management, and stewardship in a good Anthropocene. Environmental Management 60:165-175.

  • Elmer, L.K., C.M. O’Connor, D.P. Philipp, G. Van Der Kraak, K.M. Gilmour, W.G. Willmore, B.L. Barthel and S.J. Cooke. 2017.  Oxidative ecology of paternal care in wild smallmouth bass, Micropterus dolomieu.  Journal of Experimental Biology. 220:1905-1914.