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Bliss, S.M., J.D. Midwood, K.M. Stamplecoskie and S.J. Cooke.  2015.  Seasonal movements and residency of small-bodied fish in a north temperate urban watershed demonstrate connectivity between a stream and stormwater drain.  Hydrobiologia 742:327-338.

Canadian Journal of Zoology Cover Image

Cousineau, A., J.D. Midwood, K. Stamplecoskie, G. King, C.D. Suski,  and S.J.  Cooke. 2014.  Diel patterns of baseline glucocorticoids and stress responsiveness in a teleost fish. Canadian Journal of Zoology 92: 417-421.

Muhametsafina, A., J.D. Midwood, S.M. Bliss, K.M. Stamplecoskie and S.J. Cooke.  2014.  The fate of dead fish tagged with biotelemetry transmitters in an urban stream.  Aquatic Ecology  48: 23-33.

Physiological and Biochemical Zoology

Hatry, C., J.D. Thiem, T.R. Binder, D. Hatin, P. Dumont, K.M. Stamplecoskie, J.M. Molina, K.E. Smokorowski, and S.J. Cooke. 2014.. Comparative physiology and relative swimming performance of three redhorse (Moxostoma spp.) species: associations with fishway passage success. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 87: 148-159.

Journal of Fish Biology Cover Image

Nagrodski, A., K.J. Murchie, K.M. Stamplecoskie, C.D. Suski, and S.J. Cooke. 2013.  Effects of an experimental short-term cortisol challenge on the behaviour of wild creek chub (Semotilus atromaculatus) in mesocosm and stream environments.  Journal of Fish Biology 82:1138-1158

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Burnett, N.J., K.M. Stamplecoskie, J.D. Thiem, S.J. Cooke. 2013. Comparison of detection efficiency among three sizes of half duplex passive integrated transponders using manual tracking and fixed antenna arrays.  North American Journal of Fisheries Management 33:7-13

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