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Cooke Lab hosts InFish workshop

Cooke Lab hosted the InFish group for a 2-day workshop at Queen’s Biology Station with participants from Canada, UK, and the USA.  The team considered how the Sustainable Development Goals are relevant to inland fisheries and bright spots in hydropower … Read More

Cooke Lab hosted Dr. David Philipp and Julie Claussen.

Cooke Lab hosted Dr. David Philipp and Julie Claussen from the Univ of Illinois and Fisheries Conservation Foundation. Dave spoke on his long-term research on nesting bass and angling while Julie spoke on Mahseer telemetry research in Bhutan… Read More

Science Literacy Week Fish Migration Event

As part of Science Literacy Week, members of the Cooke lab teamed up with the Beaverbrook Library in Ottawa to educate 25 school children about fish migration and how telemetry science can be used to study migration. Following a short … Read More