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Phd Student Connie O’Connor has an article highlighting her research published in Fisheries … Read More

Cooke Lab Awarded an NSERC Strategic Grant fro $587,000 to evaluate discard mortality and to develop strategies to facilitate recovery for multi-sector, multi-species Pacific salmon fisheries in the Lower Fraser River. (click here for more)… Read More

The Cooke Lab is pleased to welcome our next cohort of graduate students:Graham Raby, M.Sc. Candidate from Trent University; Sarah Laroque, M.Sc. Candidate from University of Guelph; Sean Landsman, M.Sc. Candidate from University of Illinois; Katrina Cook, M.Sc. Candidate from … Read More

Check out the April 17th Episode of As it Happens for a comment about research being completed by the Cooke Lab and the University of Illinois.… Read More

Press Release for Cooke Lab paper on heritability of angling (click here)… Read More

Dr. Tom Binder joined the Cooke Lab on April 1st as our first Post Doc! Tom successfully defended his Ph.D. at the University of Guelph in March on the sensory physiology and behaviour of lamprey.

Making: THE often around cialis Read More

The Cooke Lab and Dr. Gabriel Blouin-Demers from the University of Ottawa have been awarded a grant from the World Wildlife Fund to study turtle bycatch reduction in the inland commercial fisheries of eastern Ontario … Read More