Graduate Student Assistantships in the Winter Biology of Fish – Open Until Positions Filled

The Fish Ecology and Conservation Physiology Laboratory at Carleton University is currently seeking potential Ph.D. and M.Sc. students. Projects relate to understanding the winter biology of wild fish in the context of a multi-stressor world and will use experimental and comparative approaches. Data collection will require extensive winter field work and combine behavioural (e.g., electronic tagging, underwater video) and physiological (e.g., bioenergetics, endocrinology) tools. Competitive applicants will have excellent communication skills, superior problem-solving abilities, demonstrated leadership experience, and a love of wool long underwear. Applicants must also have an appreciation for interdisciplinary research, flexibility to travel, strong quantitative skills and a willingness to work on projects that span basic and applied (i.e., conservation science) realms. Joining our research group provides opportunities to interact with academic and/or government collaborators and a variety of stakeholders. Project start dates are somewhat flexible and extend from Sept 2019 to Sept 2020. Students would be admitted to the Ottawa-Carleton Institute of Biology (OCIB), a Joint Graduate Program with Carleton and the University of Ottawa. Additional information on the Cooke Lab can be found at www.fecpl.ca Interested candidates should send a cover letter and CV to Dr. Steven Cooke via email (steven_cooke@carleton.ca). The current funding climate favours domestic applicants, although truly stellar international applicants will also be considered.