Andrew Howarth

Ph.D. Candidate

Research Interests: Canadian fisheries management systems, natural resource co-management, conservation science.

Co-Supervisor: Dr. Vivian Nguyen, Carleton University


Background: BA Honours in Environmental Studies (Bishop’s University, 2020)

Undergraduate Thesis: Fisheries and natural resource co-management: a study of conservation initiative and relevant knowledge in the recreational angling community

Lab Publications (4)

  • Cooke, S.J., M.F. Docker, N.E. Mandrak, N. Young, D.D. Heath, K.M. Jeffries, A. Howarth, J.W. Brownscombe, J. Livernois, C.A.D. Semeniuk, P.A. Venturelli, A.J. Danylchuk, R.J. Lennox, I. Jarić, A.T. Fisk, C.S. Vandergoot, J.R. Britton and A.M. Muir. 2022. Technoscience and the modernization of freshwater fisheries assessment and management. Environmental Technology & Innovation. 28:102865.

  • Piczak, M.L., J.L. Brooks, B. Bard, C. Bihun, A. Howarth, A.L. Jeanson, L. LaRochelle, J.R. Bennett, N.W.R. Lapointe, N.E. Mandrak and S.J. Cooke. 2022.  Revisiting the challenge: Perspectives on Canada’s freshwater fisheries policies three decades after the Pearse Report.  FACETS Journal. 7:912-935.

  • Fisheries Research Cover Image

    Howarth, A., A.L. Jeanson, A.E.I. Abrams, C. Beaudoin, I. Mistry, A. Berberi, N. Young, V.M. Nguyen, S.J. Landsman, A.N. Kadykalo, A.J. Danylchuk and S.J. Cooke. In Press. COVID-19 restrictions and recreational fisheries in Ontario, Canada: preliminary insights from an online angler survey. Fisheries Research. 240:105961.

  • Environmental Reviews Cover Image

    Cooke, S.J., P. Soroye, J.L. Brooks, J. Clarke, A.L. Jeanson, A. Berberi, M.L. Piczak, C.H. Reid, J.E. Desforges, J.D. Guay,  A.K. Drake, A.M. Jardine, J.P. Ethier, H.E. Keefe, A.M. Medd , B.P.M. Edwards, C. Reeve, A. Perkovic, A. Frempong-Manso, L. LaRochelle, S. Patterson, M. Roach-Krajewski, A. Howarth, B. Bard, E.J. Harmsen, J. Robichaud, S. Serré, C.J. Bihun, R.T. Buxton, V.M. Nguyen, L.C. Woodall, W.J. Sutherland and J.R. Bennett.  2021.  Ten considerations for conservation policy makers for the post-COVID-19 transition.  Environmental Reviews.  29:1-8.