Andrew Kadykalo

Ph.D. Candidate

Research Interests: ecosystem services, pollination, wetlands, pest regulation, predator-prey relationships, socio-ecological cascades, meta-analysis
Thesis topic: Investigation of attitudes and perspectives of recreational anglers to rainbow trout conservation in British Columbia


M.Sc. (2016-2017), Environmental Sustainability, Institute of the Environment, University of Ottawa
Research Paper (Supervised by C. Scott Findlay): Agricultural Best Management Practices: Tradeoffs and Synergies between Crop Yield and Ecosystem Services
M.Sc. (2010-2013), Biology, University of Ottawa
Thesis Title (Supervised by C. Scott Finday): Evaluating and Predicting Ecosystem Services
B.B.A (2005-2009), Business Administration, Biology Minor, Trent University

Other Publications

Kadykalo, A.N., & Findlay, C.S. (2016). The flow regulation services of wetlands. Ecosystem Services, 20, 91-103. doi: