Dominique Roche

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dominique, Dr. Cook and colleagues are currently heading the Third Party Scientific Review of Alberta’s North Central Native Trout Recovery Program​.

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  • Cooke, S.J., V.M. Nguyen, N. Young, A.J. Reid, D.G. Roche, N.J. Bennett, T. Rytwinski and J.R. Bennett.  In Press.  Contemporary authorship guidelines fail to recognize diverse contributions in conservation science research.  Ecological Solutions and Evidence.  00:000-000.

  • Science of the total environment Cover Image

    Rytwinski, T., S.J. Cooke, J.J. Taylor, D.G. Roche, P.A. Smith, G.W. Mitchell, K.E. Smokorowski, K.A. Prior, and J.R. Bennett.  In Press.  Acting in the face of evidentiary ambiguity, bias, and absence arising from systematic reviews in applied environmental science.  Science of the Total Environment.  00:000-000

  • Buxton R, Nyboer EA, Pigeon K, Raby GD, Rytwinsky T, Gallagher AJ, Schuster R, Lin HS, Fahrig L, Bennett JR, Cooke SJ, and Roche DG.  In Press.  Avoiding wasted research resources in conservation science. Conservation Science and Practice.  00:000-000.

  • Roche, D.G., M. Granados, C.C. Austin, S. Wilson, G.M. Mitchell, P.A. Smith, S.J. Cooke and J.R. Bennett.  In Press.  Open government data and environmental science: A Federal Canadian perspective.  FACETS Journal.  00:000-000.

  • BioScience Cover Image

    Lennox RJ, Harcourt R, Bennett JR, Davies A, Ford AT, Frey RM, Hayward MW, Hussey NE, Iverson SJ, Kays R, Kessel ST, McMahon C, Muelbert M, Murray TS, Nguyen VM, Pye JD, Roche DG, Whoriskey FG, Young N, and Cooke SJ. 2020. A novel framework to protect animal data in a world of eco-surveillance. BioScience 70: 468-476.

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