Karen Murchie

AlumniPh.D. Students - AlumniPost Doctoral Fellows - Alumni  (2011)

Assistant Professor at the College of the Bahamas

Lab Publications (4)

  • Journal of Thermal Biology Cover Image

    Cull, F., C.D. Suski, A. Shultz, A.J. Danylchuk, C.M. O’Connor, K.J.  Murchie and S.J. Cooke.  2015.  Consequences of experimental cortisol manipulations on the thermal biology of the checkered puffer (Sphoeroides testudineus) in laboratory and field environments.  Journal of Thermal Biology 47:63-74.

  • Danylchuk, A.J., C.D. Suski, J.W. Mandelman, K.J. Murchie, C.R. Haak, A.M.L. Brooks and S.J. Cooke. 2014 Hooking injury, physiological status, and short-term mortality following catch-and-release recreational angling of juvenile lemon sharks (Negaprion bevirostris) in The Bahamas.  Conservation Physiology DOI: 10.1093/conphys/cot036

  • Fisheries Research Cover Image

    Murchie, K.J., S.J. Cooke, A.J. Danylchuk, S.E. Danylchuk, T.L. Goldberg, C.D. Suski and D.P. Philipp. 2013. Movement patterns of bonefish (Albula vulpes) in tidal creeks and coastal waters of Eleuthera, The Bahamas. Fisheries Research 147: 404-412.

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  • Fisheries Management and Ecology Cover Image

    Cooke, S.J., and K.J. Murchie. 2015. Status of aboriginal, commercial and recreational inland fisheries in North America: past, present and future. Fisheries Management and Ecology 22: 1-111.

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