Liset Cruz Font

AlumniPost Doctoral Fellows - Alumni  (2015-2017)

My interests are very broad, and are mostly related to fish behavioural movements, the relationship between environmental factors and movement decisions, which include implications of climate change in the life history of fish species, their behaviour, movement and dynamics of their populations. As well, I am interested in studying the food web relationships that influence the movement behaviour of fish populations. I am also interested in all aspects of fish (and fisheries) biology and ecology and the link between these factors and populations’ conservation and management. My research is part of a larger hydroacoustics telemetry project conducted in Toronto Harbour, dealing with the spatial ecology and limnology of coastal fish species inhabiting the region. One of the objectives of the project is to improve the effectiveness of fish habitat restoration in coastal embayments in the Great Lakes. My specific goal is to link the limnological and environmental features of the harbour with the fish spatial distribution and movements within the area. I hope to use a variety of sampling methods and data analyses to achieve this objective.


2007-2015 Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto, ON, Canada

1996-2005 Research Biologist at the Fisheries Research Centre, Havana, Cuba

1998-2001 M.Sc. in Marine Biology and Ecology, Marine Research Centre and University of Havana, Havana, Cuba

1991-1996 BSc. in Biology (Hons), University of Havana, Havana, Cuba

Lab Publications (2)

  • Hlevca, B., Wells, M.G., Cruz Font, L., Cooke, S.J., Doka, S.E., Portiss, R., St. John, M. 2018. Water circulation in Toronto Harbour. Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management.  21(3):234-244.

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    Veilleux, M.A.N., N.W.R. Lapointe, D.M. Webber, T.R. Binder, P.J. Blanchfield, L. Cruz-Font, M.G. Wells, M.H. Larsen, S.E. Doka and S.J. Cooke.  2016.  Pressure sensor calibrations of acoustic telemetry transmitters.  Journal of Animal Biotelemetry. 4:3. DOI 10.1186/s40317-015-0093-0. 

Other Publications

Cruz-Font, L., Shuter, B.J., Blanchfield, P.J. (in prep) Energetic costs of activity in wild fish estimated by telemetry transmitters. Target Journal: Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

de Kerckhove, D.T., Blukacz-Richards, E.A., Shuter, B.J., Cruz-Font, L., Abrams, P.A. (in review) Wind on lakes bring predator and prey together in the pelagic zone. Target Journal: Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

González-Yánez, A.A., Puga Millán, R., de León, M.E., Cruz-Font, L., Wolff, M. 2006. Modified Delury depletion model applied to spiny lobster, Panulirus argus (Latreille, 1804) stock, in the southwest of the Cuban Shelf. Fisheries Research 79. 155-161

Casalvilla, R., Dueñas, M., Ayala, M., Cruz, S., Cruz, L., Buurman, W.A., Gavilondo, J.V. 1999. A bacterial single-chain Fv antibody fragment that inhibits binding of its parental anti-E-Selectin monoclonal antibody to activated human endothelial cells. Journal of Biotechnology 72. 1-12