John-Francis Lane

Technical Staff - Alumni

Research interests: Natural resource conservation, Conservation and evidence-based decision-making, Science communication and outreach


BSc in Natural Resources Conservation, University of British Columbia

Lab Publications (1)

  • Environmental Reviews Cover Image

    Steven J. Cooke, Trina Rytwinski, Jessica J. Taylor, Elizabeth Nyboer, Vivian M. Nguyen1, Joseph R. Bennett, Nathan Young, Susan Aitken, Graeme Auld, John-Francis Lane, Kent Prior, Karen E. Smokorowski, Paul A. Smith, Aerin Jacob, David Browne, Jules M. Blais, Jeremy T. Kerr, Banu Ormeci, Steven M. Alexander, Christopher R. Burn, Rachel T. Buxton, Diane M. Orihel1, Jesse Vermaire, Dennis L. Murray, Patrice Simon, Kate Edwards, John Clarke, Marguerite A. Xenopoulos, Irene Gregory-Eaves, Elena M. Bennett and John Smol.  On “success” in applied environmental research – What is it, how can it be achieved, and how does one know it has been achieved it?In press. Environmental Reviews.