John-Francis Lane

Research interests: Natural resource conservation, Conservation and evidence-based decision-making, Science communication and outreach


BSc in Natural Resources Conservation, University of British Columbia

Lab Publications (5)

  • Voicescu, S.A., J-F. Lane, S.J. Cooke, E. Higgs, A.C. Fisher, L. Rochefort, N. Shackelford and S. Murphy.  2023.  Awareness and use of SER’s International Principles And Standards For The Practice Of Ecological Restoration in Canada.  Restoration Ecology.  31(1).

  • Nyboer, E., Nguyen, V.M., Young, N., Rytwinski, T., Taylor, J.J., Lane, J.F., Bennett, J.R., Harron, N., Aitken, S.M., Auld, G., Browne, D., Jacob, A., Prior, K., Smith, P.A., Smokorowski, K.E., Alexander, S. and Cooke., S.J.  (In Press). Supporting actionable science for environmental policy: Advice for funding agencies from decision makers. Frontiers in Conservation Science. 2:693129.

  • Thomas-Walters, L., E.A. Nyboer, J.J.Taylor, T. Rytwinski, J.F. Lane, N. Young, J.R. Bennett, V.M. Nguyen, N. Harron, S.M. Aitken, G. Auld, D. Browne, A.L. Jacob, K. Prior, P.A. Smith, K.E. Smokorowski and S.M. Alexander and S.J. Cooke. 2021. An optimistic outlook on the use of evidence syntheses to inform environmental decision making. Conservation Science and Practice. 3:e426.

  • Fish and Fisheries

    Reid, A.J., L.E. Eckert, N. Young, J.F. Lane, S.G. Hinch, C.T. Darimont, S.J. Cooke, N.C. Ban and A. Marshall. 2021. “Two-Eyed Seeing”: An Indigenous framework to transform fisheries research and management. Fish and Fisheries. 22:243-261.

  • Environmental Reviews Cover Image

    Steven J. Cooke, T. Rytwinski, J.J. Taylor, E. Nyboer, V.M. Nguyen, J.R. Bennett, N. Young, S. Aitken, G. Auld, J.-F. Lane, K. Prior, K.E. Smokorowski, P.A. Smith, A. Jacob, D. Browne, J.M. Blais, J.T. Kerr, B. Ormeci, S.M. Alexander, C.R. Burn, R.T. Buxton, D.M. Orihel, J. Vermaire, D.L. Murray, P. Simon, K. Edwards, J. Clarke, M.A. Xenopoulos, I. Gregory-Eaves, E.M. Bennett and J. Smol. 2020. On “success” in applied environmental research – What is it, how can it be achieved, and how does one know it has been achieved it? Environmental Reviews. 28:357-372.