Jon Midwood


Habitat loss or alteration is one of the main drivers behind global declines in biodiversity. As a result, I am broadly interested in the fundamental connections between a species and its habitat. Recently, I completed work focused on coastal wetlands, using remote sensing and modeling to determine how habitat will respond to predicted changes in water levels. Working in aquatic habitat peaked my interest in fish movement. To this end, I looked at habitat selection by fishes in and among coastal wetlands. Moving forward, I am increasingly curious about the mechanisms behind fish habitat selection and the factors that drive their movement.

My earlier work was focused more at the landscape level and I hope to learn more about fish movement, fish physiology, and telemetry during my time in the Cooke Lab. I am excited to be involved in multiple projects. In early March, I had the opportunity to travel to Denmark to start a study looking at the impact of stress on the out-migration of brown trout. We will hopefully get data for this study in late May or early June.  In Watt’s Creek we have started a study to determine how the fish community will respond following habitat restoration. We will also look at habitat selection and movement of fish species in the creek. Some other projects are in the pipe, so I will update the website once things get finalized.


2007-2012 – Ph.D. in Aquatic Ecology, McMaster University Department of Biology, Hamilton, ON

2002-2007 – B.Sc. in Biodiversity, McMaster University Department of Biology, Hamilton, ON

Lab Publications (39)

  • Fisheries Research Cover Image

    Reid, C.H., Berberi, A., Scott, K., Woods, S., Midwood, J.D., & Cooke, S.J. 2024. Evaluating immobilisation thresholds and suitability of conductive glove electrodes for largemouth bass electroanaesthesia. Fisheries Research. 272: 106931.

  • environmental biology of fishes cover image
     Croft-White, M.V., S.M. Larocque, D. Reddick, P. Smith, S.J. Cooke and J.D. Midwood.  2023.  Diversity of movement patterns of Longnose Gar tracked in coastal waters of western Lake Ontario.   Environmental Biology of Fishes.
  • Boston, C.M., R.W.K. Tang, J.L. Brooks, S. Larocque, J.A. Bowman, S.J. Cooke and J.D. Midwood.  2024.  Life outside the fishbowl: tracking an introduced population of Goldfish (Carassius auratus) in an embayment on the Laurentian Great Lakes. Journal of Great Lakes Research.  50:102253.
  • Piczak, M. L., Theÿsmeÿer, T., Doka, S. E., Midwood, J. D. and Cooke, S. J. 2023. Knowledge of spawning phenology may enhance selective barrier passage for wetland fishes. Wetlands 43:72.

  • Environmental Reviews Cover Image

    Piczak, M. L., Perry, D., Cooke, S. J., Harrison, I., Benitez, S., Koning, A., Peng, L., Limbu, P., Moberg, T., Brown, A. D., Smokorowski, K., Midwood, J., Velasquez, B., Rodriguez, S. S., Joehn, J. D., Creed, I., and Abell, R. 2023. Protecting and restoring habitat to bend the curve of global freshwater biodiversity loss. Environmental Reviews.

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Other Publications

Jepsen, N., Boutrup, T.S., Midwood, J.D., & Koed, A. 2013. Does the level of asepsis impact the success of surgically implanting tags in Atlantic salmon? Fisheries Research 147:344-348

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Midwood, J.D., & Chow-Fraser, P. 2012. Changes in aquatic vegetation and fish communities following five years of sustained low water levels in coastal marshes of eastern Georgian Bay, Lake Huron. Global Change Biology 18:93-105.

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