Karsten Pankhurst

AlumniUndergraduate Thesis Students and Research Assistants - Alumni  (May 2014 - May 2015)

Thesis topic: Comparative spatial ecology of adult Muskellunge and Northern Pike in an urban reach of the Rideau River, Canada.

The Brewer Park Pond will be reconnected to the Rideau River through a culvert to create new spawning habitat and backwater area for a variety of species, including Northern Pike and  Muskellunge. We will be using radio telemetry to analyze the movement and behaviour of Muskie and Pike in the Rideau River. Most importantly we will analyze the ability of Muskie and Pike to migrate through the culvert to access the new habitat.

Lab Publications (1)

  • environmental biology of fishes cover image

    Pankhurst, K., J.D. Midwood, H. Wachelka and S.J. Cooke. 2016. Comparative spatial ecology of sympatric adult muskellunge and northern pike during a one year period in an urban reach of the Rideau River, Canada. Environmental Biology of Fishes. 99:409-421.