Lee F.G. Gutowsky


My research examines bull trout spatial ecology and entrainment vulnerability in a hydropower reservoir. Specifically, I am using acoustic biotelemetry to monitor adfluvial bull trout for several years with the objectives of characterizing 1) spatial ecology and 2) entrainment vulnerability relative to environmental (e.g., season and diel period) and biological (e.g., sex, depth distribution, body size, spawning site) factors in a large high-elevation hydropower reservoir. To accomplish these objectives, myself and a team of collaborators have strategically stationed 42 telemetry receivers and several stationary temperature recorders at key choke points and spawning tributaries in Kinbasket Reservoir, British Columbia. These acoustic hydrophones provide cell coverage of approximately 35 km2 (8% of total surface area) including directly adjacent to the Mica Dam on Kinbasket. Following capture in the spring and autumn of 2010, 187 bull trout have been surgically implanted with coded temperature and depth sensing transmitter tags that will relay data for up to three years. Overall, the results of this research will identify patterns important to the ecology of adfluvial bull trout and salmonid entrainment vulnerability in similar hydropower reservoirs.






Aquaculture Technician (2001 – 2003) – Fleming College School of Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences – Lindsay ON.

Ecosystem Management Technician and Technology (2003 – 2005) – Fleming College School of Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences – Lindsay, ON.

B.Sc. Honours in Environmental & Resource Science (2005 – 2007) – Trent University, Peterborough, ON.

M.Sc., Biology (2007 – 2009) – Trent University, Peterborough, ON.

M.Sc. Thesis Title: Life history, growth and demographic variation in a highly invasive fish species during its range expansion in the Trent River, Ontario: the round goby (Neogobius melanostomus)

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Lab Publications (29)

  • Hydrobiologia Cover Image

    Gutowsky, L.F.G., S.G. Blair, S.J. Cooke and M.G. Fox.  2023 Summer and autumn movement ecology of native brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) in urban headwater streams of Eastern North America.  Hydrobiologia.  850:3481-3495.

  • Journal of Fish Biology Cover Image

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  • Gutowsky, L.F.G., M. Rider, R.P. Roemer, A.J. Gallagher, M.R. Heithaus, S.J. Cooke and N. Hammerschlag.  2021.  Large sharks exhibit varying behavioral responses to major hurricanes.  Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science.  256:107373.

  • MacLean, K., T.S. Prystay, M.J. Lawrence, A.J. Zolderdo, L.F.G. Gutowsky, E. Staaterman, A.J. Gallagher and S.J. Cooke. 2020. Going the distance: Influence of distance between boat noise and nest site on the behaviour of paternal smallmouth bass. Water, Air & Soil Pollution. 231:1-11.

  • Endangered Species Research Cover Image

    Litt, M.A., B.S. Etherington, L.F.G. Gutowsky, N.W.R. Lapointe and S.J. Cooke. 2020. Does catch-and-release angling pose a threat to American Eel? A hooking mortality experiment. Endangered Species Research. 41:1-6.

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Other Publications

Gutowsky, S. E., Gutowsky, L. F. G., Jonsen, I. D., Leonard, M. L., Naughton, M. B., Romano, M. D., Shaffer, S. A. 2014. Daily activity budgets reveal a quasi-flightless stage during non-breeding in Hawaiian albatrosses. Movement Ecology 2: 23.

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Gutowsky, L.F.G., Brownscombe, J.W., and Fox, M.G. 2011. Angling to estimate the density of adult round goby (Neogobius melanostomus). Fisheries Research 108: 228-231.

Gutowsky, L.F.G., & Fox, M.G. 2011. Occupation, body size and sex ratio of round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) in established and newly invaded areas in an Ontario river. Hydrobiologia 671: 27-37.

Raby, G.D., Gutowsky, L.F.G., & Fox, M.G. 2010. Diet composition and consumption rate in round goby (Neogobius melanostomus) in its expansion phase in the Trent River, Ontario. Environmental Biology of Fishes 89:143-150 (M.Sc.)