Maja Cvetkovic

AlumniTechnical Staff - Alumni  (2013-2014)

As the Lab Manager and Research Biologist, Maja assists with many of the student and postdoctoral research projects in the Cooke lab.


  • Provide field work support throughout the year
  • Prepare reports for partners and participate in the peer-review process (edit, revise and contribute to manuscripts)
  • Website upkeep
  • Lab safety
  • Maintenance and repair of equipment


Lab manager and Research Biologist, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON:   Sept 2013 – current

Ecological consultant, Freshwater Inquiry Network, Ottawa, ON:  2012 – current

Landscape Assessment Officer, Environment Canada, Toronto, ON:  June 2013 – Sept 2013

Research assistant, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON:  2010 – 2012

Urban-Rural-Biomonitoring-and-Assessment (URBAN) Project Officer, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON: 2010 – 2011

Aquatic Biologist, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Sault Ste. Marie, ON:  2009 – 2010

M.Sc in Aquatic Ecology, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON:  2006 – 2008

M. Sc. (2008) Thesis title: Factors affecting macrophyte and fish distribution in coastal wetlands of Georgian Bay

B. Sc. (2006) Biology, Specialization in Biodiversity, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON

Lab Publications (1)

  • Midwood, J.D., J.M. Chapman, M. Cvetkovic, G.D. King, T.D. Ward, S.J. Cooke, and C.D. Suski. 2015. Diel variability in fish assemblage in coastal wetlands and tributaries of the St. Lawrence River: A cautionary tale for fisheries monitoring. Aquatic Sciences. DOI:10.1007/s00027-015-0422-7.




Other Publications

Cartwright, L. A., Cvetkovic, M., Graham, S.,  Tozer, D. and P. Chow-Fraser. 2013. URBAN: Development of a citizen-science biomonitoring program based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. International Journal of Science Education Part B: Communication and Engagement DOI: 10.1080/21548455.2013.855353

Cvetkovic, M., Kostuk, K., and Chow-Fraser, P. 2012. Influence of gear type on fish catch data and a fish-based index of wetland quality in coastal wetlands of Georgian Bay. North American Journal of Fisheries Management 32: 313 – 324.

Cvetkovic, M., and Chow-Fraser, P. 2011.  Use of ecological indicators to assess the quality of Great Lakes coastal wetlands. Ecological Indicators 11: 1609–1622.

Cvetkovic, M., Wei, A., Chow-Fraser, P. 2010. Relative importance of macrophyte community versus water quality variables for predicting fish assemblages in coastal wetlands of the Laurentian Great Lakes.  Journal of Great Lakes Research 36: 64-73.

DeCatanzaro, R., Cvetkovic, M., Chow-Fraser, P. 2009.  The relative importance of road density and physical watershed features in determining coastal marsh water quality in Georgian Bay. Environmental Management 44: 456-467.