Peter Holder

Ph.D. Candidate

Peter’s research focuses on understanding the physiological mechanisms behind fish responses to angling in addition to identifying the best techniques to ensure optimal fish recovery. His work aims to evaluate the mechanistic, physiological changes occurring in a wide variety of charismatic gamefish species that support recreational fisheries. His particular interests lie in the assessment of cardiac and metabolic contributions to common fish behaviours (eg. feeding, predator evasion, refuge seeking), and the ecological implications of changes in these behaviours (ie. habitat use, post-release mortality, reproduction) resulting from fisheries interactions.


M.Sc – University of Waterloo, Vascular Biology (2014)

Thesis title: Influence of AMPK and ROCK inhibition on contractile responses in isolated carotid arteries in adult and aged WKY and SHR rats – Dr. James Rush


H.BSc – University of Waterloo (2011)

Lab Publications (3)

  • Transactions of the American Fisheries Society

    Moyes, E.N., and Lawrence, M.J., Zolderdo, A.J., Prystay, T.S., Abrams, A.E.I., Holder, P., & Cooke, S.J. (In Press) Comparative behaviour of wild bluegill captured inside and outside of a long-standing aquatic protected area. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society, 00:00-00.

  • Canadian Journal of Zoology Cover Image

    Benson C, Shea B, de Silva C, Donovan D, Holder P, Cooke SJ, and Gallagher AJ. (In Press) Physiological consequences of varying shark exposure on a large teleost species. Canadian Journal of Zoology 00:00-000.

  • Brownscombe, J.W., A.J. Adams, N. Young, L.P. Griffin, P. Holder, J. Hunt, A. Acosta, D. Morley, R. Boucek, S.J. Cooke and A.J. Danylchuk. 2019. Bridging the knowledge-action gap: A case of research rapidly impacting recreational fisheries policy. Marine Policy. 104:210-215.