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Midwood, J.D., S.J. Kerr, P. Levick and S.J. Cooke.  2015.  Muskellunge science and management: progress through partnerships.  Environmental Biology of Fishes. 98:2031-2035.

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Bliss, S.M., J.D. Midwood, K.M. Stamplecoskie and S.J. Cooke.  2015.  Seasonal movements and residency of small-bodied fish in a north temperate urban watershed demonstrate connectivity between a stream and stormwater drain.  Hydrobiologia 742:327-338.

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Midwood, J.D., N.A. Cairns, L.J. Stoot,  S.J. Cooke, and G. Blouin-Demers. 2015. Bycatch mortality can cause extirpation of four freshwater turtle species.  Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. 25: 71-80.


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Cousineau, A., J.D. Midwood, K. Stamplecoskie, G. King, C.D. Suski,  and S.J.  Cooke. 2014.  Diel patterns of baseline glucocorticoids and stress responsiveness in a teleost fish. Canadian Journal of Zoology 92: 417-421.

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Brownscombe, J.W., S.D. Bower, W. Bowden, L. Nowell, J.D. Midwood,  N. Johnson and S.J. Cooke.  2014.  Canadian recreational fisheries: 35 years of social, biological, and economic dynamics from a national survey.  Fisheries 39: 251-260.

Muhametsafina, A., J.D. Midwood, S.M. Bliss, K.M. Stamplecoskie and S.J. Cooke.  2014.  The fate of dead fish tagged with biotelemetry transmitters in an urban stream.  Aquatic Ecology  48: 23-33.

Midwood, J.D., Larsen, M.H., Boel, M., Jepsen, N., Aarestrup, K., & Cooke, S.J. 2014. Does cortisol manipulation influence outmigration behaviour, survival and growth of sea trout? A field-test of carryover effects in wild fish. Marine Ecology Progress Series 496: 135-144.

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Cooke, S.J., J.D. Midwood, J.D. Thiem, A.P. Klimley, M.C. Lucas, E.B. Thorstad, J. Eiler, C. Holbrook, and B.C. Ebner. 2013. Tracking animals in freshwater with electronic tags: past, present and future. Animal Biotelemetry 1: 5.

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