Adrienne Smith

CEBC Research Assistant

Research interests: Fisheries and aquatic ecology, Evidence synthesis, Evidence-based decision making, watershed ecology


Research Biologist, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Thunder Bay, ON

Educational Assistant, The River Institute, Cornwall, ON

M.Sc., Biology, University of Waterloo (2012-2014)

Supervisors: Dr. Michael Power and Dr Jerome Marty

Thesis: Studies of the Upper Rainy River Food Web and Variations in Spawning Critical Habitats in Relation to Flow

Environmental Technician, St Lawrence College, Cornwall, ON

Honours B. Sc., Biology, Carleton University (2006-2011)

Lab Publications (7)

  • Rytwinski, T., Lin, H.-Y., Harper, M., Smokorowski, K.E., Smith, A., Reid, J.L., Taylor, J.J.,  Birnie-Gauvin, K., Bradford, M.J., Crossman, J.A., Kavanagh, R., Lapointe, N.W.R., Turgeon, K., and Cooke, S.J. 2023. How do natural changes in flow magnitude affect fish abundance and biomass in temperate regions? A systematic review. Ecological Solutions and Evidence. 4:e12216.

  • Taylor, J.J., T. Rytwinski, A. Smith, M.L. Piczak, S.K. Garden, R.J. Lennox, C.J. Dey, A.K. Winegardner, K. Ponader, G. Benoy, D.G. Sheppard and S.J. Cooke.  2022.  A synthesis of DFO contributions to freshwater fish habitat science since the 1950s.  Canadian Technical Report of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 3484.  Ottawa, Canada.  Available at:

  • Brooks, J.L., J. D. Midwood, A. Smith, S.J. Cooke, B. Flood, C.M. Boston, P. Semecsen, S. E. Doka, and M. G. Wells. 2022. Internal seiches as drivers of fish depth use in lakes. Limnology and Oceanography. 67:1040-1051.

  • Nyboer, E., Nguyen, V.M., Young, N., Rytwinski, T., Taylor, J.J., Lane, J.F., Bennett, J.R., Harron, N., Aitken, S.M., Auld, G., Browne, D., Jacob, A., Prior, K., Smith, P.A., Smokorowski, K.E., Alexander, S. and Cooke., S.J.  (In Press). Supporting actionable science for environmental policy: Advice for funding agencies from decision makers. Frontiers in Conservation Science. 2:693129.

  • Birnie-Gauvin K, Rytwinski T, Harper M, Taylor JJ, Smith A, Smokorowski KE, Turgeon K, Bradford MJ, Cooke SJ (In Press) How do natural changes in flow magnitude affect fish abundance and diversity in temperate regions? A systematic review protocol. Ecological Solutions and Evidence.  2:e12079.


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Other Publications

Smith A, Smokorowski K, Power M. 2017. Spawning lake sturgeon and habitat characteristics in Rainy River, Ontario and Minnesota. Journal of Applied Ichthyology 33 (3): 328-337.

Smith A, Marty J, Smokorowski K, Power M. 2016. Stable Isotope Characterization of the Rainy River, ONT lake sturgeon diet and trophic position. Journal of Great Lakes Research. 42 (2): 440-447.

Smith A, Marty J, Power M. 2015. Non-lethal sampling of lake sturgeon for stable isotope analysis: comparing pectoral fin-clip and dorsal muscle tissue for use in trophic studies. Journal of Great Lakes Research. 41: 292-297.