Pullin, A.S., Cheng, S.H., Jackson, J.D., Eales, J., Envall, I., Fada, S.J., Frampton, G. K., Harper, M., Kadykalo, A.N., Kohl, C., Konno, K., Livoreil, B., Ouédraogo, D., O’Leary, B.C., Pullin, G., Randall, N., Rees, R., Smith, A., Sordello, R., Sterling, E.J., Twardek, W.M., Woodcock, P. (2022).  Standards of conduct and reporting in evidence syntheses that could inform environmental policy and management decisions. Environ Evid 11, 16.

Contributing Lab Members:  Adrienne Smith   Andrew Kadykalo   Meagan Harper   William Twardek