Albana Berberi

Environmental Evidence Data Technician

Research interests: Evidence-based policymaking, anthropogenic impacts and biodiversity conservation strategies, science communication and outreach


M.S.c., Environmental Sustainability, University of Ottawa (2017-2019)
Research Paper: Incorporation of Indigenous Knowledge in Canadian National Parks Management Plans (Supervisor: Dr. Paul Heinztman)

Honours B.S.c., Behaviour, Cognition, and Neuroscience, University of Windsor (2013-2017)
Thesis Title: Nocturnal Flight Call Clusters: Using Acoustic Recordings To Track Avian Group Migration (Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Mennill)

Other Publications

Erdodi, L. A., Rai, J., Pelletier, C., Zuccato, B., Kucharski, B., Seke, K., Berberi, A., Beaudoin, A. (2015). It’s About Time: Evaluating The Effect of Administration Sequence and Speed of Completion on the Signal Detection Performance of the Recognition Memory Test and Word Choice Test. The Clinical Neuropsychologist, 29(3), 320.