Cassia Belanger

AlumniM.Sc. Students - Alumni  (September 2013 - September 2015)

Using the central mudminnow (Umbra limi) to study habitat-based differences between Watts creek and the municipal Kizzel drain and the implications this may have for nearby developments in the Kanata, Ottawa area.

Lab Publications (3)

  • Canadian Journal of Zoology Cover Image

    Belanger, C.B., K.S., Peiman, M.N., Vera-Chang, T.W., Moon and S.J. Cooke. 2017. Pumpkinseed sunfish (Lepomis gibbosus) from littoral and limnetic habitats differ in stress responsiveness independent of environmental complexity and presence of conspecifics. Canadian Journal of Zoology. 95:193-202.

  • Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Cover Image

    Belanger, C.B., M.N. Vera-Chang, T.W. Moon, J.D. Midwood, C.D. Suski and S.J. Cooke. 2016. Seasonal variation in baseline and maximum whole-body glucocorticoid concentrations in a small-bodied stream fish independent of habitat quality. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology A. 192:1-6.

  • Hydrobiologia Cover Image

    Crawford, C., J.D. Midwood, R.J. Lennox, S. Bliss, C. Belanger and S.J. Cooke. 2016. Experimental displacement of longnose dace, Rhinichthys cataractae (Actinopterygii, Cyprinidae), reveals rapid fish avoidance of a stormwater drain in an urban watershed. Hydrobiologia. 767:197-206.