Austin Gallagher

AlumniPost Doctoral Fellows - Alumni  (2016)

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Lab Publications (7)

  • Trends in EE

    Hammerschlag N, Schmitz OJ, Flecker AJ, Lafferty KD, Sih A, Atwood T, Gallagher AJ, Irschick DJ, Skubel R, Cooke SJ. 2019. Ecosystem Function and Services of Aquatic Predators in the Anthropocene. Trends in Ecology & Evolution; 34(4): 369-383.

  • Lennox RJ, Gallagher AJ, Ritchie EG, Cooke SJ. 2018. Evaluating the efficacy of predator removal in a conflict-prone world. Biological Conservation 224: 277-289.

  • aquatic conservation cover image

    Maxwell, R.J., A. J. Zolderdo, R. de Bruijn, J.W. Brownscombe, E. Staaterman, A.J. Gallagher and S. J. Cooke.  2018.  Does motor noise from recreational boats alter parental care behaviour of a nesting freshwater fish? Aquatic Conservation.  28:969-978.

  • Jerome, J.M., A.J. Gallagher, S.J. Cooke and N. Hammerschlag.  2018.  Integrating reflexes with physiological measures to evaluate coastal shark stress response to capture.  ICES Journal of Marine Science.  75(2):796-804.

  • Ward, T.D., D.A. Algera, A.J. Gallagher, E. Hawkins, A. Horodysky, C. Jørgensen, S.S. Killen, D.J. McKenzie, J.D. Metcalfe, M.A. Peck, M. Vu, and S.J. Cooke. 2016. Understanding the Individual to Implement the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management. Conservation Physiology. 4(1):cow005.  doi:10.1093/conphys/cow005


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