Jesica Taylor


Co-supervised by Dr. William Willmore (Carleton University) Thesis Topic: Effects of maternal oxidative stress and gametic cortisol exposure on sockeye salmon offspring.

Lab Publications (2)

  • Hernández Martínez de la Riva A, Harper M, Rytwinski T, Sahdra A, Taylor JJ, Bard B, Bennett JR, Burton D, Creed IF, Haniford LSE, Hanna DE, Harmsen EJ, Robichaud CD, Smol JP, Thapar M and Cooke SJ (2023) Tipping points in freshwater ecosystems: an evidence map. Front. Freshw. Sci. 1:1264427. doi: 10.3389/ffwsc.2023.1264427

  • Environmental Reviews Cover Image

    Kemp, J.O.G., J.J. Taylor, L.A. Kelly, R. Larocque, A. Heriazon, K.H.D. Tiessen, and S.J. Cooke. 2021.  Antimicrobial resistance genes in the aquaculture sector: global reports and research gaps.  Environmental Reviews.  29:300-314.

Other Publications

Cassone, C.G., J.J. Taylor,  J.M. O’Brien, A. Williams, C.L. Yauk, D. Crump and S.W. Kennedy. 2012. Transcriptional Profiles in the Cerebral Hemisphere of Chicken Embryos Following In Ovo Perfluorohexane Sulfonate Exposure. Toxicological Sciences 129(2): 380-391.

Massarsky, A., L. Dupuis, J.J. Taylor, S. Eisa-Beygi, L. Strek, V.L. Trudeau, T.M. Moon. 2013. Assessment of nanosilver toxicity during zebrafish (Danio rerio) development. Chemosphere 92(1): 59-66.

Bertinato, J., J.J. Taylor. 2013. Mineral Concentrations in Bottled Water Products: Implications for Canadian’s Mineral Intakes. Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research 74(1): 46-50.

Bertinato, J., J.R. Simpson, L. Sherrard, J.J. Taylor, L.J. Plouffe, D. Van Dyke, M. Geleynse, Y.Y. Dam, P. Murphy, C. Knee, L. Vresk, N. Holland, H. Quach, D. R. Mack, M. Cooper, M. R. L’Abbe, and S. Hayward.  2013.  Zinc Supplementation Does Not Alter Sensitive Biomarkers of Copper Status in Healthy Boys.  Journal of Nutrition 143(3): 284-289.