Matthew Bolding

Research Assistant

Research Interests: Wetland ecology conservation and restoration, species at risk, monitoring and management of wetland ecosystems.


M.Sc. – Biology, University of Waterloo (2016-2018)
Thesis title: Vegetation Bases Assessment of Wetland Condition in the Prairie Pothole Region (Supervisor Dr. Rebecca Rooney)
B.Sc. – Environmental Science, Concordia University College of Alberta – Edmonton, Alberta

Other Publications

Bolding, M. T., A. J. Kraft, D. T. Robinson, and R. C. Rooney. 2020. “Improvements in Multi-Metric Index Development Using a Whole-Index Approach.” Ecological Indicators 113: 106191.

Bayley, S.E. Wilson M.L., Rooney R.C., Bolding, M.T., 2014.  Assessment Methods for Reclamation of Permanent Marshes in the Oil Sands: Handbook and Video.  Prepared by The Bayley Lab, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.