Robert Lennox

Ph.D. Students - Alumni  (May 2013 - April 2016)

Effects of catch-and-release angling on Atlantic salmon survival and migration behaviour in Norwegian rivers


Honours Student
Visiting from Dalhousie University
May 2012 to April 2013

Thesis topic: The influence of angler behaviour on the performance of different types of fishing hooks

Lab Publications (81)

  • Canadian Journal of Zoology Cover Image

    Twardek, W.M., K.L. Knight, C.H. Reid, R.J. Lennox, S.J. Cooke and N.W.R. Lapointe.  In Press.  Insights into Chinook salmon movement ecology in the terminal reaches of the upper Yukon River during the spawning migration.  Canadian Journal of Zoology.  00:000-000.

  • Madliger CL, Creighton MJA, Raby GD, Bennett JR, Birnie-Gauvin K, Lennox RJ, Cooke SJ. (In Press).  Physiology as a tool for at-risk animal recovery planning: an analysis of Canadian recovery strategies with global recommendations. Conservation Science and Practice. 00:000-000.

  • environmental biology of fishes cover image

    Cooke, S.J., H.L. Auld, K. Birnie-Gauvin, C.K. Elvidge, M.L. Piczak, W.M. Twardek, G.D. Raby, J.W. Brownscombe, J.D. Midwood, R.J. Lennox, C. Madliger, A.D.M. Wilson, T.R. Binder, C.B. Schreck, R.L. McLaughlin, J. Grant and A.M. Muir.  In Press.  On the Relevance of Animal Behavior to the Management and Conservation of Fishes and Fisheries.  Environmental Biology of Fishes.  00:000-000.

  • Young, N., D.G. Roche, R.J. Lennox, J.R. Bennett and S.J. Cooke.  In Press.  Ethical ecosurveillance: mitigating the potential impacts on humans of widespread environmental monitoring.  People and Nature.  00:000-000.

  • Fish and Fisheries

    Lennox RJ, Sbragaglia V, Vollset KW, Sortland LK, McClenachan L, Jarić I, Guckian ML, Ferter K, Danylchuk AJ, Cooke SJ, Arlinghaus R, Twardek WM. In Press. Digital fisheries data in the Internet age: emerging tools for research and monitoring using online data in recreational fisheries. Fish and Fisheries 00:000-000.

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