Robert Lennox

 (May 2013 - April 2016)

Effects of catch-and-release angling on Atlantic salmon survival and migration behaviour in Norwegian rivers


Honours Student
Visiting from Dalhousie University
May 2012 to April 2013

Thesis topic: The influence of angler behaviour on the performance of different types of fishing hooks

Lab Publications (97)

  • canadian journal of fisheries and aquatic sciences cover Image

    Lennox RJ, Afonso P, Birnie-Gauvin K, Dahlmo LS, Nilsen CI, Arlinghaus R, Cooke SJ, Souza AT, Jaric I, Prchalova M, Riha M, Westrelin S, Twardek W, Aspillaga E, Kraft S, Smejkal M, Baktoft H, Brodin T, Hellstrom G, Villegas-Rios D, Vollset KW, Adam T, Sortland LK, Bertram MG, Crossa M, Vogel EF, Gillies N, Reubens J.  In Press. Electronic tagging and tracking aquatic animals to understand a world increasingly shaped by a changing climate and extreme weather events. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 00:000-000.

  • Lennox RJ, Whoriskey FG, Verhelst P, Vandergoot CS, Soria M, Reubens J, Rechisky EL, Power M, Murray T, Mulder I, Markham JL, Lowerre-Barbieri SK, Lindley ST, Knott NA, Kessel ST, Iverson S, Huveneers C, Heidemeyer M, Harcourt R, Griffin LP, Friess C, Filous A, Fetterplace LC, Danylchuk AJ, Daly R, Cowley P, Cooke SJ, Chavez EJ, Blaison A, Whoriskey K.  In Press. Globally coordinated acoustic aquatic animal tracking reveals unexpected, ecologically important movements across oceans, lakes, and rivers. Ecography 00:000-000.


  • Lennox RJ, Aarestrup K, Alós J, Arlinghaus R, Aspillaga E, Bertram MG, Birnie-Gauvin K, Brodin T, Cooke SJ, Dahlmo LS, Dhellemmes F, Gjelland KØ, Hellström G, Hershey H, Holbrook C, Klefoth T, Lowerre-Barbieri S, Monk CT, Nilsen CI, Pauwels I, Pickholtz R, Prchalová M, Reubens J, Říha M, Villegas-Ríos D, Vollset KW, Westrelin S, Baktoft H. 2023. Positioning aquatic animals with acoustic transmitters. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 00:117.

  • Fisheries Cover Image

    Clemens, B.J., J.K. Matley, N.V. Klinard, R.J. Lennox, L.K. Sortland and S.J. Cooke.  2023.  The need for reporting rationale and detailed methods in studies that surgically implant fish with electronic tracking devices.  Fisheries. 48(9):388-394.

  • American Fisheries Society Logo

    Lennox, R.J., J. Brooks, J.M. Dettmers, N.E. Mandrak and S.J. Cooke.  2023. Status and management of fisheries in the Laurentian Great Lakes.  Pages 303-327 in C.T. Hasler, J.G. Imhof, N.E. Mandrak and S.J. Cooke, Editors.  Freshwater fisheries in Canada: Historical and contemporary perspectives on the resources and their management.  American Fisheries Society, Bethesda, MD.


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