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Vivian currently collaborates broadly with IN FISH, Ocean Tracking Network, NeoTropical and other groups. Her primary research goal is to bridge the gaps between research disciplines and explore transdisciplinary approaches to address conservation and long-term sustainability goals. Her Ph.D. research focuses on the knowledge mobilization of telemetry science, in other words, understanding the gap between telemetry science and practice.


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Lab Publications (30)

  • canadian journal of fisheries and aquatic sciences cover Image

    Nguyen, V.M., N. Young and S.J. Cooke.  In Press.  Applying a knowledge-action framework for navigating barriers to incorporating telemetry science into fisheries management and conservation: a qualitative study.  Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.  00:000-000.

  • Fisheries Cover Image

    Young, N., M. Corriveau, V.M. Nguyen, S.J. Cooke and S.G. Hinch.  In Press.  Embracing disruptive new science? Biotelemetry meets co-management in Canada’s Fraser River.  Fisheries.  00:000-000.

  • BioScience Cover Image

    Lennox RJ, Aarestrup K, Cooke SJ, Cowley PD, Deng ZD, Fisk AT, Harcourt RG, Heupel M, Hinch SG, Holland KN, Hussey NE, Iverson SJ, Kessel ST, Kocik JF, Lucas MC, Mills Flemming J, Nguyen VM, Stokesbury MJW, Vagle S, VanderZwaag DL, Whoriskey FG, Young N. 2017. Envisioning the future of aquatic animal tracking: Technology, science, and application. BioScience. 67(10):884-896.

  • Crossin, G.T., Heupel, M., Holbrook, C.M., Hussey, N., Lowerre-Barbieri, S., Nguyen, V.M., Raby, G.D., Cooke, S.J. 2017. Acoustic telemetry and fisheries management. Ecological Applications. 00:1-19.

  • Cooke, S.J., V.M. Nguyen, S.T. Kessel, N.E. Hussey, N. Young and A.T. Ford.  2017.  Troubling and unanticipated issues at the frontier of animal tracking for conservation and management.  Conservation Biology.  31:1205-1207.

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