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Vivian currently collaborates broadly with IN FISH, Ocean Tracking Network, NeoTropical and other groups. Her primary research goal is to bridge the gaps between research disciplines and explore transdisciplinary approaches to address conservation and long-term sustainability goals. Her Ph.D. research focuses on the knowledge mobilization of telemetry science, in other words, understanding the gap between telemetry science and practice.


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Lab Publications (37)

  • Cooke, S.J., G.D. Raby, N.N. Bett, A.K. Teffer, N.J. Burnett, K.M. Jeffries, E.J. Eliason, E.G. Martins, K.M. Miller, D.A. Patterson, V.M. Nguyen, N. Young, A.P. Farrell and S.G. Hinch.  In Press.  On conducting management-relevant mechanistic science for upriver migrating adult Pacific salmon.  Pages XX to XX in Madliger, C., O. Love, S.J. Cooke and C. Franklin, Editors.  Conservation Physiology: applications for wildlife conservation and management.  Oxford University Press, UK.

  • BioScience Cover Image

    Lennox RJ, Harcourt R, Bennett JR, Davies A, Ford AT, Frey RM, Hayward MW, Hussey NE, Iverson SJ, Kays R, Kessel ST, McMahon C, Muelbert M, Murray TS, Nguyen VM, Pye JD, Roche DG, Whoriskey FG, Young N, and Cooke SJ. In Press. A novel framework to protect animal data in a world of eco-surveillance. BioScience 00:000-000.

  • Cooke, S.J., V.M. Nguyen, D. Anastakis, S.D. Scott, M.R. Turetsky, A. Amirfazli, A. Hearn, C.E. Milton, L. Loewen,  E.E. Smith,  D.R. Norris, K.L. Lavoie, A. Aiken, D. Ansari, A.N. Antle, M. Babel, J. Bailey, D.M. Bernstein, R. Birnbaum, C. Bourassa, A. Calcagno, A. Campana, B. Chen, K. Collins, C.E. Connelly, M. Denov, B. Dupont, E. George, I. Gregory-Eaves, S. High, J.M. Hill, P.L. Jackson, N. Jette, M. Jurdjevic, A. Kothari, P. Khairy, S.A. Lamoureux, K. Ladner, C.R. Landry, F. Légaré, N. Lehoux, C. Leuprecht, A.R. Lieverse,  A. Luczak, M.L. Mallory,  E. Manning, A. Mazalek, S.J. Murray, L.L. Newman, V. Oosterveld, P. Potvin,  S. Reimer-Kirkham, J. Rowsell, D. Stacey, S.L. Tighe, D.J. Vocadlo, A.E. Wilson and A. Woolford. 2020.  Diverse perspectives on interdisciplinarity from the Members of the College of The Royal Society of Canada.  FACETS.  5:138-165.

  • Journal of Environmental Management Cover Image

    Young, N., S.J. Cooke, S.G. Hinch, C. DiGiovanni, M. Corriveau, S. Fortin, V.M. Nguyen and A.-M. Solås. 2020. “Consulted to death”: personal stress as a major barrier to environmental co-management. Journal of Environmental Management. 254:109820.

  • Nguyen, V.M., Young, N., Brownscombe, J.W., Cooke, S.J. 2019. Collaboration and engagement produce more actionable science: quantitatively analyzing uptake of fish tracking studies. Ecological Applications 29(6):e01943.

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