Vivian M Nguyen

Vivian currently collaborates broadly with IN FISH, Ocean Tracking Network, NeoTropical and other groups. Her primary research goal is to bridge the gaps between research disciplines and explore transdisciplinary approaches to address conservation and long-term sustainability goals. Her Ph.D. research focuses on the knowledge mobilization of telemetry science, in other words, understanding the gap between telemetry science and practice.


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Lab Publications (49)

  • Jacaban, E., T. Rytwinski, J.J. Taylor, N. Young, V.M. Nguyen and S.J. Cooke.  In Press.  Do environmental systematic reviews impact policy and practice? Author perspectives on the application of their work.  Environmental Science & Policy. 129:159-167. (DOI: 10.1016/j.envsci.2021.12.019)

  • Guay, J.D., J.L. Brooks, J.M. Chapman, H. Medd, S.J. Cooke and V.M. Nguyen. 2021.  Survey-derived angler characteristics and perspectives in the shore-based shark fishery in Florida.  Marine and Coastal Fisheries. 13:693-711.

  • Andrachuk, M.A., A.N. Kadykalo, S.J. Cooke, N. Young, and V.M. Nguyen. 2021. Fisheries knowledge exchange and mobilization through a network of policy and practice actors. Environmental Science and Policy. 125:157-166.

  • Roche, D.G., R.E. O’Dea, K.A. Kerr, T. Rytwinski, R. Schuster, V.M. Nguyen, N. Young, J.R. Bennett and S.J. Cooke.  2022. Closing the knowledge-action gap in conservation with open science. Conservation Biology. 36:e13835.

  • Cooke, S.J., A.L. Jeanson, I. Bishop, B.A. Bryan, C. Chen, C. Cvitanovic, Y. Fen, J. Forester, C. Fürst, J. Hu, D. La Rosa, C. Meurk, V.M. Nguyen, M. Paolisso, Y. Qi, F.K.S. Chun, K. Szetey, X. Wang, Y. Wang, C.L. Archibald and N. Young.  2021.  On the theory-practice gap in the environmental realm: Perspectives from and for diverse environmental professionals.  Socio-Ecological Practice Research.  3:243-255.

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