Young, L,., C. Haenlein, G. Evans with S. Benbow, Z. Bending, A. Caveen, S.J .Cooke, A. Daniels, A. Delano-Johnson, C. Devlin, N. Esmail, S. Farrer, T. Gupta, K. Kun He, T. Hlavac, B. Hutniczak, S. Jardine, M. Kohonen, D. Lajus, V. Jayant Patankar, V. Radchenko, D.L. Roberts, L. Schiller, J. Simeone, A. Song, N.G Taylor, C.E. Villaça and C. Workman.  2023.  Future Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing Trends in a Warming World:  A Global Horizon Scan.  Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies Occasional Paper.  UK.

Contributing Lab Members:  Steven J. Cooke  


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