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Griffin, L.P., C. Friess, M. Bakenhaster, K. Bassos-Hull, S. Walters Burnsed, J.W. Brownscombe, S.J. Cooke, R.D. Ellis, J.M. Gardiner, J. Locascio, S. Lowerre-Barbieri, G. Poulakis, T. Wiley, K.A. Wilkinson, J.K. Wilson, A.K. Wooley, A.J. Adams and A.J. Danylchuk. 2022. Assessing the potential for red tide (Karenia brevis) algal bloom impacts on Atlantic tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) along the southwestern coast of Florida. Environmental Biology of Fishes. 106: 255-273

Contributing Lab Members:  Jake Brownscombe   Steven J. Cooke  


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