Dietz, S., K.F. Beazley, C.J. Lemieux, C.C. St. Clair, L. Coristine, E. Higgs, R. Smith, M. Pellatt, C. Beaty, E. Cheskey, S.J. Cooke, L. Crawford, R. Davis, G. Forbes, F. Gadallah, P. Kendall, N. Mandrak, F. Moola, S. Parker, J. Quayle, J.C. Ray, K. Richardson, K. Smith, J. Snider, J.P. Smol, W.J. Sutherland, A. Vallillee, L. White and A. Woodley. 2021. Emerging issues for protected and conserved areas in Canada. FACETS Journal. 6:1892-1921.

Contributing Lab Members:  Steven J. Cooke  


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