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Veilleux, M.A.N., N.W.R. Lapointe, D.M. Webber, T.R. Binder, P.J. Blanchfield, L. Cruz-Font, M.G. Wells, M.H. Larsen, S.E. Doka and S.J. Cooke. 2016. Pressure sensor calibrations of acoustic telemetry transmitters. Journal of Animal Biotelemetry. 4:3.

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Lapointe, N.W.R., S.J. Cooke, J.G. Imhof, D. Boisclair, J.M. Casselman, R.A. Curry, O.E. Langer, R.L. McLaughlin, C.K. Minns, J.R. Post, M. Power, J.B. Rasmussen, J.D. Reynolds, J.S. Richardson and W.M. Tonn. 2014. Principles for ensuring healthy and productive freshwater ecosystems that support sustainable fisheries. Environmental Reviews. 22:1-25.

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Cooke, S.J., N.W.R. Lapointe, E.G. Martins, J.D. Thiem, G.D. Raby, M.K. Taylor, T.D. Beard Jr. and I.G. Cowx. 2013Failure to engage the public in issues related to inland fishes and fisheries: strategies for building public and political will to promote meaningful conservation. Journal of Fish Biology. 83:997-1018.

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Lapointe, N. W. R., J. D. Thiem, S. E. Doka and S. J. Cooke. 2013. Opportunities for improving aquatic restoration science and monitoring through the use of animal electronic tagging technology. BioScience. 63:390-396.

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