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Cooke, S.J., and J.F. Schreer. 2002. Determination of fish community composition in the untempered regions of a thermal effluent canal – the efficacy of a fixed underwater videography system. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 73:109-129.

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Schreer, J.F., and S.J. Cooke. 2002. Behavioral and physiological responses of smallmouth bass to a dynamic thermal environment. Black Bass 2000: ecology, conservation and management. American Fisheries Society Symposium. 31:191-203.

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Cooke, S.J., D.P. Philipp and P.J. Weatherhead. 2002. Parental care patterns and energetics of smallmouth bass, Micropterus dolomieu, and largemouth bass, M. salmoides, monitored with activity transmitters. Canadian Journal of Zoology. 80:756-770.

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Cooke, S.J., T.A. Kassler and D.P. Philipp. 2001. Physiological performance of largemouth bass related to local adaptation and interstock hybridization: implications for conservation and management. Journal of Fish Biology A. 58:248-268.

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Cooke, S.J., R.S. McKinley and D.P. Philipp. 2001. Physical activity during reproduction of a centrarchid fish, Micropterus salmoides -an electromyographic and videographic analysis. Ecology of Freshwater Fish. 10:227-237.

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Schreer, J.F., S.J. Cooke and R.S. McKinley. 2001. Cardiac response to variable forced exercise at different temperatures – an angling simulation for smallmouth bass. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society. 130:783-795.

Cooke, S.J., and J.F. Schreer. 2001. Additive effects of chlorinated biocides and water temperature on fish in thermal effluents with emphasis on the Great Lakes. Reviews in Fisheries Science. 9:69-113.

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Cooke, S.J., and C.M. Bunt. 2001. Assessment of internal and external antenna configurations from transmitters implanted in smallmouth bass. North American  Journal of Fisheries Management. 21:236-241.

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Cooke, S.J., C.M. Bunt, J.F. Schreer and D.H. Wahl. 2001. Comparison of several techniques for mobility and activity estimates of smallmouth bass in lentic environment. Journal of Fish Biology. 58:573-587.

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Bunt, C.M., and S.J. Cooke. 2001. Post-spawn movements and habitat use of greater redhorse, Moxostoma valenciennesi. Ecology of Freshwater Fish. 10:57-60.