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Alexander, S.M., Provencher, J., Henri, D., Taylor, J.J., & Cooke, S.J.  (In Press). Bridging Indigenous and science-based knowledge in coastal-marine research, monitoring, and management in Canada: A systematic map protocol. Environmental Evidence.  00:000-000.

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Logan, J.M, Lawrence, M.J., Morgan, G.E., Twardek, W.M., Lennox, R.J., & Cooke, S.J. (In Press). Consequences of winter air exposure on walleye (Sander vitreus) physiology and impairment following a simulated ice-angling event. Fisheries Research 00:000-000.

Donaldson, L.A., T. Rytwinski, J.J. Taylor, D.A.R. Drake, A. Martel, S.J. Cooke. In press. Can conservation targets for imperiled freshwater fishes and mussels be achieved by captive breeding and release programs? A systematic map protocol to determine available evidence. Environmental Evidence. 

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Sullivan, B.G., S.H. Clarke, D.P. Struthers, M.K. Taylor and S.J. Cooke.  In Press.  The Gain Reduction Method for manual tracking of radio tagged fish in streams.  Journal of Animal Biotelemetry.  00:000-000.

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Lennox, R.J., J.M. Chapman, W.M. Twardek, F. Broell, K. Bøe, F.G. Whoriskey, I.A. Fleming, M. Robertson and S.J. Cooke.  In Press.  Biologging in combination with biotelemetry reveals behavior of Atlantic salmon following exposure to capture and handling stressors.  Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.  00:000-000.

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Sullivan, B.G., M.K. Taylor, C. Carli, T.D. Ward, R.J. Lennox and S.J. Cooke.  In Press.  Partial dam removal restores passage for a Threatened salmonid.  River Research and Applications.  00:000-000.

Haddaway, N.R., S.J. Cooke, P. Lesser, B. Macura, A.E. Nilsson, J.J. Taylor and K. Raito.  2019.  Evidence of the impacts of metal mining and the effectiveness of mining mitigation measures on social–ecological systems in Arctic and boreal regions: a systematic map protocol.  Environmental Evidence.  8:9.

Zhang, X., H.Y. Li, Z.D. Deng, L.R. Leung, J.R. Skalski, S.J. Cooke. 2019. On the variable effects of climate change on Pacific salmon. Ecological Modelling 397:95-106.

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McLean, M. F., Litvak, M. K., Cooke, S. J., Hanson, K. C., Patterson, D. A., Hinch, S. G., & Crossin, G. T. 2019. Immediate physiological and behavioural response from catch-and-release of wild white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus Richardson, 1836). Fisheries Research. 214:65-75.

Brownscombe, J.W., A.J. Adams, N. Young, L.P. Griffin, P. Holder, J. Hunt, A. Acosta, D. Morley, R. Boucek, S.J. Cooke and A.J. Danylchuk. In Press. Bridging the knowledge-action gap: A case of research rapidly impacting recreational fisheries policy. Marine Policy. 00:000-000.