All Publications by Steven J. Cooke

Reid, A.J., N. Young, S.G. Hinch and S.J. Cooke.  In Press.  Learning from Indigenous knowledge holders on the state and future of wild Pacific salmon.  FACETS Journal.  00:000-000.

Fisheries Research Cover Image

Bower, S., P. Szekeres, R. Raghavan, A.J. Danylchuk and S.J. Cooke.  In Press.  Consequences of simulated multiple catch-and-release events and different handling procedures on reflex impairment, ventilation rate, and body condition in Tor khudree.  Fisheries Research.  00:000-000.

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Li, W., J. Bao, C. Zhang, X. Mi, D. Zhang, H. Jiang, W.M. Twardek, S.J. Cooke and M. Duan.  In Press.  Group size influences LED light colour and substrate preference of David’s Schizothoracin (Schizothorax davidi): relevance for design of fish passage facilities.  River Research and Applications.  00:000-000.

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Piczak, M.L., A.N. Kadykalo, S.J. Cooke and N. Young.  In Press.  Natural resource managers use and value western-based science, but barriers to access persist.  Environmental Management.  00:000-000.

Maasri, A., S.C. Jähnig, M.C. Adamescu, R. Adrian, C. Baigun, D.J. Baird, A. Batista-Morales, N. Bonada, L.E. Brown, Q. Cai, J.V. Campos-Silva, V. Clausnitzer, T. Contreras-MacBeath, S.J. Cooke, T. Datry, G. Delacámara, L. De Meester, K.D.B. Dijkstra, V. Tu Do, S. Domisch, D. Dudgeon, T. Erös, H. Freitag, J. Freyhof, J. Friedrich, M. Friedrichs-Manthey, J. Geist, M.O. Gessner, P. Goethals, M. Gollock, C. Gordon, H.P. Grossart, G. Gulemvuga, P.E. Gutiérrez-Fonseca, P. Haase, D. Hering, H. Jürgen Hahn, C.P. Hawkins, F. He, J. Heino, V. Hermoso, Z. Hogan, F. Hölker, J.M. Jeschke, M. Jiang, R.K. Johnson, G. Kalinkat, B.K. Karimov, A. Kasangaki, I.A. Kimirei, B. Kohlmann, M. Kuemmerlen, J.J. Kuiper, B. Kupilas, S. Langhans, R. Lansdown, F. Leese, F.S. Magbanua, S.I.S. Matsuzaki, M.T. Monaghan, L. Mumladze, J. Muzon, P.A. Mvogo Ndongo, J.C. Nejstgaard, O. Nikitina, C. Ochs, O.N. Odume, J.J. Opperman, H. Patricio, S.U. Pauls, R. Raghavan, A. Ramírez, B. Rashni, V. Ross-Gillespie, M.J. Samways, R.B. Schäfer, A. Schmidt-Kloiber, O. Seehausen, D. Narayan Shah, S. Sharma, J. Soininen, N. Sommerwerk, J.D. Stockwell, F. Suhling, R.D. Tachamo Shah, R.E. Tharme, J.H. Thorp, D. Tickner, K. Tockner, J.D. Tonkin, M. Valle, J. Vitule, M. Volk, D. Wang, C. Wolter and S. Worischka.  In Press.  A global agenda for advancing freshwater biodiversity research.  Ecology Letters.  00:000-000.

Chrétien, E., Boisclair, D., Cooke, S.J. and S.S. Killen. In Press. Social group size and shelter availability influence individual metabolic traits in a social fish. Integrative Organismal Biology. 00:000-000.

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Doherty, C.L.J., A.T. Fisk, S.J. Cooke, T.E. Pitcher and G.D. Raby.  2021.  Exploring relationships between oxygen consumption and biologger-derived estimates of heart rate in two warmwater piscivores. Journal of Fish Biology.  2021:1-8.

Reid, C.H., Hudgins, E.J., Guay, J.D., Patterson, S., Medd, A.M., Cooke, S.J., and Bennett, J.R. In Press. The state of Canada’s biosecurity efforts to protect biodiversity from species invasions. FACETS Journal.  00:000-000.

Transactions of the American Fisheries Society

Reid, C.H., Faust, M.D., Raby, G.D., Brenden, T.O., Cooke, S.J., and Vandergoot, C.S. In Press. Post-release survival and migration behaviour of adult walleyes following intracoelomic transmitter implantation using two methods of electro-immobilization. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society.  000:000-000.

Dietz, S., K.F. Beazley, C.J. Lemieux, C.C. St. Clair, L. Coristine, E. Higgs, R. Smith, M. Pellatt, C. Beaty, E. Cheskey, S.J. Cooke, L. Crawford, R. Davis, G. Forbes, F. Gadallah, P. Kendall, N. Mandrak, F. Moola, S. Parker, J. Quayle, J.C. Ray, K. Richardson, K. Smith, J. Snider, J.P. Smol, W.J. Sutherland, A. Vallillee, L. White and A. Woodley.  In Press.  Emerging issues for protected and conserved areas in Canada.  FACETS Journal.  00:000-000.