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Animal Behavior Journal

Rangel, B.S., R.G. Moreira, M.J. Rider, J. Sulikowski, A.J. Gallagher, M.R. Heithaus, S.J. Cooke, L. Kaufman and N. Hammerschlag, N. 2022. Physiological state predicts space use of sharks at a provisioning tourism site. Animal Behaviour. 191:149-163.

Fish and Fisheries

Nyboer, E.A., H.S. Embke, A.M. Robertson, R. Arlinghaus, S. Bower, C. Baigun, D. Beard, S.J. Cooke, I.G. Cowx, J.D. Koehn, R. Lyach, M. Milardi, W. Potts and A.J. Lynch. 2022. Overturning stereotypes: The fuzzy boundary between recreational and subsistence inland fisheries. Fish and Fisheries. 23:1282-1298.

Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries Cover Image

Semeniuk, C.A.D., K.M. Jeffries, T. Li, C.M. Bettles, S.J. Cooke, B.A. Dufour, E.A. Halfyard, J.W. Heath, K. Keeshig, N.E. Mandrak, A.J. Muir, L. Postma and D.D. Heath. 2022. Innovating transcriptomics for practitioners in freshwater fish management and conservation: best practices across diverse resource-sector users. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries. 32:921-939.

Fisheries Research Cover Image

Chhor, A. D., Glassman, D. M., Brownscombe, J. W., Trahan, A. T., Danylchuk, A. J., & Cooke, S. J.  2022. Short-term behavioural impacts of air-exposure in three species of recreationally angled freshwater fish. Fisheries Research. 253: 106342.

Piczak, M.L., J.L. Brooks, B. Bard, C. Bihun, A. Howarth, A.L. Jeanson, L. LaRochelle, J.R. Bennett, N.W.R. Lapointe, N.E. Mandrak and S.J. Cooke. 2022.  Revisiting the challenge: Perspectives on Canada’s freshwater fisheries policies three decades after the Pearse Report.  FACETS Journal. 7:912-935.

Journal of Fish Biology Cover Image

Reid, C.H., G.D. Raby, M.D. Faust, S.J. Cooke and C.S. Vandergoot. 2022. Cardiac activity in walleye (Sander vitreus) during exposure to and recovery from chemical anaesthesia, electroanaesthesia, and electrostunning. Journal of Fish Biology. 101:115-127.

Cooke, S.J., S. Michaels, E.A. Nyboer, L. Schiller, D.B.R. Littlechild, D. Hanna, C.D. Robichaud, A. Murdoch, D. Roche, P. Soroye, J.C. Vermaire, V.M. Nguyen, N. Young, J.F. Provencher, P.A. Smith, G.W. Mitchell, S. Avery-Gomm, C.M. Davy, R.T. Buxton, T. Rytwinski, L. Fahrig, J.R. Bennett and G. Auld. 2022. Reconceptualizing conservation. PLoS Sustainability & Transformation. 1:e0000016.

Lin, H.-Y., E.G. Martins, M. Power, J.A. Crossman, A.J. Leake and S.J. Cooke. 2022.  An assessment tool for estimating effects of entrainment at hydropower facilities on adfluvial fish populations. Environment Systems and Decisions.

Canadian Journal of Zoology Cover Image

Twardek, W.M., K.L. Knight, C.H. Reid, R.J. Lennox, S.J. Cooke and N.W.R. Lapointe. 2022. Insights into Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) movement ecology in the terminal reaches of the upper Yukon River during the spawning migration.  Canadian Journal of Zoology. 100:561-573.

Journal of Fish Biology Cover Image

Brownscombe J.W., G.D. Raby, K.J. Murchie, A.J. Danylchuk and S.J. Cooke. 2022. An energetics-performance framework for wild fish. Journal of Fish Biology. 101:4-12.