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Caleb Hasler awarded the Donald R. Wiles Prize for 1st year lab demonstrators and teaching assistants. (April 2010)… Read More

Charles Hatry and Robert Holt won second and third prize respectively for their posters at the Carleton Science Poster Day (April 7, 2010)… Read More

Cooke, Tom Binder and Tony Goldberg awarded a pilot grant from the Great Lakes Fisheries Commission to develop surgical guidelines for fish in the Great Lakes (April 2010)… Read More

Cooke and collaborators (Jeff Dawson, Steve Perry, Katie Gilmour, Gabriel Blouin-Demers, Mark Forbes and Tom Moon) awarded an NSERC RTI for the purchase of a 20-antenna PIT telemetry array for use in the lab and field (April 2010)… Read More

Dr. Cooke appointed to the editorial board of “Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries” (March 2010)… Read More

Charles Hatry is awarded an NSERC CGSM for his M.Sc. studies – congrats! (March 2010)… Read More

Twelve Cooke Lab students attended the AFS-OC meeting in Orillia. Sean Landsman (M.Sc. student) won the Crossman Award for best student presentation and Laura Chomyshyn (UG student) took home the B.A.S.S. Award for best poster presentation. (March 2010)… Read More

Cooke Lab part of a new NSERC Strategic Network Grant. NSERC’s HydroNet is a national research network to promote sustainable hydropower and healthy aquatic ecosystems. The five year project is led by Dr. Daniel Boisclair at U Montreal

The and … Read More