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Dr. Cooke delivers the keynote address in the Conservation Physiology symposium at the Society for Experimental Biology conference in Scotland (June 2009)… Read More

Dr. Cooke is part of a team conducting a “100 questions” exercise related to conservation science priorities in Canada (June 2009) … Read More

Karen Murchie returns from a six month research trip to The Bahamas – Welcome back Karen! (June 2009) … Read More

Sean Landsman launches his muskellunge catch-and-release study in eastern Ontario in collaboration with Muskies Canada, Muskies Inc, the Becker Foundation, and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. Read about his M.Sc. project on his blog! (June 2009) … Read More

Cooke Lab students volunteer with children’s fishing day on Dow’s Lake on behalf of the Ontario Chapter of the AFS Student Subunit (July 2009)… Read More

Phd Student Connie O’Connor has an article highlighting her research published in Fisheries … Read More

Cooke Lab Awarded an NSERC Strategic Grant fro $587,000 to evaluate discard mortality and to develop strategies to facilitate recovery for multi-sector, multi-species Pacific salmon fisheries in the Lower Fraser River. (click here for more)… Read More

The Cooke Lab is pleased to welcome our next cohort of graduate students:Graham Raby, M.Sc. Candidate from Trent University; Sarah Laroque, M.Sc. Candidate from University of Guelph; Sean Landsman, M.Sc. Candidate from University of Illinois; Katrina Cook, M.Sc. Candidate from … Read More