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Lennox R.J., K. Aarestrup, S.J. Cooke, P.D. Cowley, Z.D. Deng, A.T. Fisk, R.G. Harcourt, M. Heupel, S.G. Hinch, K.N. Holland, N.E. Hussey, S.J. Iverson, S.T. Kessel, J.F. Kocik, M.C. Lucas, J. Mills Flemming, V.M. Nguyen, M.J.W. Stokesbury, S. Vagle, D.L. VanderZwaag, F.G. Whoriskey and N. Young. 2017. Envisioning the future of aquatic animal tracking: Technology, science, and application. BioScience. 67(10):884-896.

Contributing Lab Members:  Robert Lennox   Steven J. Cooke   Vivian M Nguyen  


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