van Maurik Matuk, F.A., B. Verschuuren, P. Morseletto, T. Krause, D. Ludwig, S.J. Cooke, M. Haverroth, M. Meesters, T.J.M. Mattijssen, S. Keßler, T.R. Lanza, E. Milberg, L. Chau Ming, C.A. Hernández-Vélez, K.M.T. da Silva, M.P.V. Souza, V.O. Souza, J.W. Fernandes, C. El Hani and B.L. dos Reis Carvalho. 2023. Advancing co-production for transformative change: synthesizing guidance from case studies on the sustainable management and governance of natural resources. Environmental Science and Policy. 149:103574

Contributing Lab Members:  Steven J. Cooke  


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