Fish and Fisheries

Fowler, A.M., N.A. Dowling, J.M. Lyle, J. Alós, L.E. Anderson, S.J. Cooke, A.J. Danylchuk, K. Ferter, H. Folpp, C. Hutt, K. Hyder, D.K. Lew, M.B. Lowry, T.P. Lynch, N. Meadows, E. Mugerza, K. Nedreaas, D. Garrone-Neto, F.A. Ochwada-Doyle, W. Potts, D. Records, S. Steinback, H.V. Strehlow, S.R. Tracey, M.D. Travis, J. Tsuboi, J. Helge Vølstad and R.C. Chick.  2023.  Toward sustainable harvest strategies for marine fisheries that include recreational fishing.  Fish and Fisheries. 00:1-17.

Contributing Lab Members:  Steven J. Cooke  


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