Chapman, J.M., D. Algera, M. Dick, E.E. Hawkins, M.J. Lawrence, R.J. Lennox, A.M. Rous, C.M. Souliere, H.L.J. Stemberger, D.P. Struthers, M. Vu, T.D. Ward, A.J. Zolderdo and S.J. Cooke. 2015. Being relevant: Practical guidance for early career researchers interested in solving conservation problems. Global Ecology and Conservation. 4: 334-348.

Contributing Lab Members:  Aaron Zolderdo   Andrew M. Rous   Daniel. P. Struthers   Dirk Algera   Jacqueline Chapman   Melissa Dick   Mike Lawrence   Steven J. Cooke   Taylor Ward  


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