Trends in EE

Matley, J.K., N.V. Klinard, A.P. Barbosa Martins, K. Aarestrup, E. Aspillaga, S.J. Cooke, P.D. Cowley, M.R. Heupel, C.G. Lowe, S.K. Lowerre-Barbieri, H. Mitamura, J-S. Moore, C.A. Simpfendorfer, M.J.W. Stokesbury, M.D. Taylor, E.B. Thorstad, C.S. Vandergoot and A.T. Fisk.  2022.  Global trends in aquatic animal tracking with acoustic telemetry.  Trends in Ecology and Evolution. 37:79-94.

Contributing Lab Members:  Steven J. Cooke  


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